The humble swimming pool is the focal point of fun for so many Australian families.

The kids entertain themselves for hours on end laughing and shouting, parents de-stress and relax from a hard day’s work and friends and family are easily entertained around the pool with a sizzling Aussie BBQ.

Another aspect to the fun of a swimming pool is enduring long hot summers that the Australian climate produces. The hot and dry conditions impact the pool environment making the pool difficult to maintain. A key issue that affects pool owners is water evaporation.

If a swimming pool is left uncovered and exposed to the air, the amount of water loss that occurs from evaporation can be up to twice the pool water volume in a year. The solution to solve the issue is to install a reputable pool cover.

Benefits of Solar Pool Cover

Power Reduction

Your Solar Pool Cover will reduce the amount of time you need to run your pump system and also your pool heating system.

Reduces evaporation

A swimming pool loses up to 2 1/2 times its volume of water every year through evaporation. A pool cover reduces evaporation loss by up to 90%.

Reduces chemical use

A pool cover reduces the need to consistently add chemicals to keep your required water quality balance.

Extends your swimming season

A pool cover extends your swimming season by up to three months through increasing your temperature by up to 9 Deg C.

Saves time

A pool cover keeps your pool cleaner and reduces maintenance time by catching dirt and leaves on top of the cover.